The function of TANM is to ensure quality education for our children, while facilitating a deep understanding and practical application of New Mexico’s cultural roots and traditions.  We will succeed at addressing the critical need for generational continuity of New Mexican culture through academics, Spanish language, art, and artesanía.

Our educational philosophy is founded on the principles that a well-rounded education includes the study of academics, art, and artesanía.  These disciplines are hands-on, creative, and intellectual by nature.  This perspective provides students with a positive sense of identity and belonging regardless of their background. 

arts focus program

All students grades 6th through 9th are required to study all three of the Arts Focus areas of Dance, Music, and Visual Arts. All 10th through 12th grade TANM students are required to choose an Arts Focus. Within the Arts Focus, students will dedicate themselves to studying a concentration within one of the school's arts areas of Dance, Music, Visual Arts, or Artesanía. 

Arts Focus students are required to participate in juried art shows, or dance/music productions. 

Honors cords

Graduating Seniors will have the opportunity to apply for Honors Cords, which showcase their commitment in the areas of Art, Music, Dance, and Academics.  See below for the qualifying criteria.

Academic Honors

  • GPA of 3.5 in academic courses.  Arts course credits DO NOT count towards overall GPA.

Dance Honors

  • A total of at least 6 dance credits, 1 of which must be a dual credit class.

  • Student must be enrolled in at least 1 dance course every year of high school

  • “A” average in dance class.

  • No dropped dance courses.

  • Declared Dance Focus

Art Honors

  • At least 4 art credits and enrolled in art every year

  • “A” average of art classes

  • Organize and exhibit original art in the Senior Art Show

Music Honors

  • At least four music credits, enrolled in music every year

  • “A” average in music study

  • performance of at least one solo in TANM recital or TANM music recital

  • help in organization and production of musical events


TANM is committed to creating an inclusive learning environment that accommodates the needs of all of its students. The school offers specialized services for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for disabilities and gifted students. The school implements a full inclusion model where students receive special education services throughout the day. 

Ancillary services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and social work are provided to students as needed by qualified personnel.