Dance Ensemble Auditions

Auditions are for 8th-12th grade students only.

Open House

Teachers will be conducting orientation meetings. We will repeat the meetings once through. This is to accommodate families who have a student in middle and high school. The first set of meetings will be held from 5:30pm-6:10pm. The second meeting will be held from 6:15pm-7pm.

Progress Report 1

Progress Report 1 ends today.

Progress Report 2

Progress report 2 ends today.

Final Exam Review

Students will be reviewing in class for their final exams.

Final Exams

Final Exam Make Up Day

If students missed a final exam, they will make it up on this day.

Winter Break

Progress Report 3

Progress report 3 ends today.

Progress Report 4

Progress report 4 ends today.

Final Exams Review

Students will review for their Final Exams.

Final Exams

Final Exam Make Up Day

If students miss a final exam, they will be able to make it up on this day.

Tech Rehearsal at Rodey Theatre

Tech Rehearsal will be at Rodey Theatre on UNM Campus. The dance and music faculty will send home important information.

Theater Week!

Students will report to the theater for rehearsals for the end of year production. The Dance Faculty will send him notices to parents on the details of that week.