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Arts Focus

All students grades 6th through 9th are required to study all three of the Arts Focus areas of Dance, Music, and Visual Arts. All 10th through 12th grade TANM students are required to choose an Arts Focus. Within the Arts Focus, students will dedicate themselves to studying a concentration within one of the school's arts areas of Dance, Music, Visual Arts, or Artesanía.
Arts Focus students are required to participate in juried art shows, or dance/music productions.
Graduating Seniors will have the opportunity to apply for Honors Cords, which showcase their commitment in the areas of Art, Music, Dance, and Academics. See below for the qualifying criteria.
Academic Honors
  • GPA of 3.5 in academic courses.  Arts course credits DO NOT count towards overall GPA.
Dance Honors

If you wish to receive a Dance Cord at graduation, these are the requirements you must meet:

  • Declared Dance Focus with an A Average.
  • Participation in the dance community outside of Dance Focus expectations (Attendance at another studio, participation in La Estrella, After school dance at the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts, volunteering for backstage help during productions, UNM class etc...).
  • A letter describing this participation due when considering cords in second semester.
Art Honors
  • At least 4 art credits and enrolled in art every year
  • “A” average of art classes
  • Organize and exhibit original art in the Senior Art Show
Music Honors
  • At least four music credits, enrolled in music every year of high school
  • “A” average in music study
  • Performance of at least one solo in TANM related performance
  • Help in organization and production of musical events
  • Participate in afterschool Guitar class with Eloy Gonzales for at least a year, or Dual Credit Class at UNM.  This can be substituted with being a student aid* for a music class, or if unavailable, another class at TANM approved by Music Head.
  • *If you are a junior or senior student, consider volunteering as a classroom student aid to earn cording credit by helping fellow Toros learn in class. Successful student aids consistently arrive for all assigned classes and help younger Toros in the classroom with few reminders from the teacher. First, talk to your teachers about volunteering as a student aid in their class(es). Next, contact TANM administrators to add “student aid” to your schedule. Once administration verifies your eligibility with the teacher and “student aid” is added to your schedule, you can help other students succeed in class and earn cording credit.