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A Bilingual Flamenco Dance Charter School

Students at TANM will take a Flamenco-based dance class every year from 6th-9th grade.  Flamenco is a dance and music form that originated in Spain, but has been cultivated and respected in New Mexico for generations. Dance class will directly correlate with the curriculum students learn in their guitar classes. Students will have opportunities to perform throughout the year, and will end the year with a final performance. Students who complete the TANM dance program will be prepared to further their dance education in the University of New Mexico’s Flamenco program or elsewhere. Once in 10th grade, students may choose whether or not to continue dancing. We are excited to have you join us in our dance program at Tierra Adentro of New Mexico!

Incoming new students (grades 6-9) will be placed in their grade level dance class.
Dance Focus Requirements:
  • Ability - teacher approval required
  • Guitar - must have had at least one year of guitar
  • Probationary first year eligibility based on: 90% attendance rate, being on time and prepared for class everyday, and etiquette (hair up, dressed out, strong effort, and participation)
Dual Credit Requirements:
(269 and 369 classes at UNM - students must be in 11th or 12th grade to participate in this program)
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Audition and recommendation from the UNM Dance Department
  • 90% minimum attendance rate

6th grade:  

  • Introduction to Flamenco
  • Tangos  (8 count rhythm)

7th grade:

  • Flamenco technique
  • Tangos  
  • Bulerias (12 count rhythm)
  • Sevillanas (Partner dance)
  • Jota technique (Spanish folk dance)

8th grade:

  • Flamenco technique
  • Bulerias
  • Castanets (hand instruments)
  • Sevillanas with Castanets
  • Jota Antillon  
  • Fandangos

9th grade:

  • Flamenco technique
  • Jota technique
  • Castanets
  • Alegrias

Dance focus (10th-12th grade)

  • Ballet technique
  • Conditioning
  • Escuela Bolera technique and choreography (Spanish classical dance)
  • Jota technique and choreography
  • Flamenco technique
  • Creating and improvising Flamenco
  • Writing about dance
  • Flamenco history
  • Intermediate/Advanced Flamenco Choreographies