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A Bilingual Music Charter School

Our Music program is offered to all students in grades 6-12.  During the course of study from 6th to 9th grade students will be studying music along with dance and visual art. Once in 10th grade, students will have the option to focus in music in a more intense manner.  We teach primarily the flamenco guitar, but also expose students to basic singing, music theory, percussion, and ear training.

Music Focus Requirements:
  • Ability - teacher approval required
  • Dance - must have had at least one year of Flamenco Dance
  • Musical Desire
  • Probationary first year eligibility based on: 90% attendance rate, being on time and prepared for class everyday, and etiquette (strong effort and participation)
Dual Credit Requirements:
Jazz History, Jazz Improvisation, Theory for non-majors, Piano 101, Chorus, and/or Ensembles at UNM - students must be in 11th or 12th grade to participate in this program
  • Teacher recommendation
  • 90% attendance rate
  • Encourage and create vehicle for private study

Curriculum Includes: 

  • Introduction to basic flamenco guitar technique
  • Introduction to various flamenco letras por Tangos and Fandangos
  • Introduction to basic palmas (rhythmic handclapping) patterns and basic Konnakol (rhythmic recitation)
  • Introduction to fundamentals of music theory and notation reading for guitar
  • Exposure to various classical guitar studies to build technique
  • Exploration of flamenco styles: Tangos, Sevillanas, Fandangos, and Bulerías
  • Student further technical abilities on the guitar through various exercises and classical guitar studies
  • Further exploration of basic flamenco letras
  • More sophisticated palmas and Konnakol ideas
  • Exploration of flamenco styles: Tangos, Bulerías, and introduction to Alegrías
  • Basic ear training and music theory as well as further notation reading for guitar
  • We will also discuss what it means to join Music Focus from 10th to 12th grade, and how to prepare if a student would like to join Music Focus.
  • Students will continue to work on technique with more complicated classical and flamenco studies
  • We will study structures of flamenco letras in various flamenco styles and dance structures to various styles
  • We will collaborate with Dance Focus, and accompany more the majority of dance performances
  • Students will study more sophisticated aspects of music theory, ear training, and notation reading.
  • Students will also continue to study Tangos and Bulerías as well as many other styles of flamenco such as: Alegrías, Soleá, Seguiriyas, etc.